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Fantasy Trader
Can you beat the stock market?

Fantasy Trader - Can you beat the stock market?

Are you slick enough to beat the best City stock pickers and win the game? This brand new game is based upon live LSE prices. Most experts say making money on shares is not an easy task - prove them wrong and play the game where you will be able to trade stocks and shares in virtual reality.

Can you be the best? Join now and test your skills.

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Result of previous games
Round 56: Mar'19 - Jun'19, Winner: Top Ten
Round 55: Dec'18 - Mar'19, Winner: Top Ten
Round 54: Sep'18 - Dec'18, Winner: Top Ten
Round 53: Jun'18 - Sep'18, Winner: Top Ten
Rank Name Value +/- %
1 (1) Chase 999,999,995,904.00 1073352.88
2 (2) sayed123 999,999,995,904.00 398305.81
3 (3) alexontheroo 999,999,995,904.00 127176.34
4 (4) liddy11 999,999,995,904.00 72078.83
5 (5) Chris_Smith 999,999,995,904.00 41886.69
6 (6) maxkerslake 999,999,995,904.00 30956.63

Game Rules

The game rules are simple. All you have to do is sell or buy the shares that you think will give you the most profit. Which shares to buy or sell and at what time is entirely up to you. You can also trade outside normal trading hours.

By the end of each round, which lasts three months, the winner, who will be announced here, is the person who has gained the most value on his or her shares. For more detail please read the FAQ's

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